Supersonic™ CMS

Content is king with the ultimate in content and fleet management.

Manage a single location or a nationwide fleet of screens. Painlessly upload, schedule and manage content, use location specific rules or incorporate dynamic data to make your screens come alive.

Supersonic™ CMS

Enhance physical spaces with data-driven digital interactions

Supersonic™ CMS* has all the content management tools you would expect out of the box. Built with flexible building blocks to allow data to drive your digital signage, Supersonic™ CMS sits alongside our evolving suite of products, which boast a strong footing in the QSR industry.

*Looking for ‘Nod’?
Nod is now part of the Fingermark™ family of products. We have great plans, please contact us if you have questions.

Key Benefits and Features

Intuitive design ensures everyone can get Supersonic™ CMS up and running with ease. With drag-and-drop media management, your content playlists can be created, uploaded and live swiftly.

Day-parting, advertising and major campaigns - Supersonic™ CMS can schedule your content to the minute. The dashboard displays real-time information and analytics for all screens across your fleet.

Our platform is flexible so can be customised to meet your needs. Work with us to explore live, data-driven, storytelling methods for your content to grab the attention of your audience, and drive sales.

You can rely on Supersonic™ CMS to play 24/7. Your content will continue playing even if the screens lose internet connectivity, as all media assets and playlists are stored locally with each screen.

With individual screen layout flexibility, every screen is your storytelling canvas. Share statistics with your team, celebrate your wins, display data feeds, showcase social media, all on one screen.

Supersonic™ CMS enables screens across your fleet to be categorised into ‘zones’, ‘tags’ and ‘locations’. This macro functionality gives seamless flexibility to target and display content for specific audiences.

Portrait, landscape, big, small, multi-panel, HD, 4K - our software solution can support your existing screens or is the perfect match for our indoor or outdoor digital signage hardware.

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