World-leading computer vision technology that delivers a faster, better customer experience.

Eyecue™ delivers:

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Increase visibility

Eyecue gives you total visibility of your drive-thru in high resolution and real-time. It increases throughput by 18%.

Eyecue measures the full customer journey, capturing human-to-vehicle interactions, identifying bottlenecks, and optimizing visibility, allowing staff to make faster, better decisions.

Build trust

Eyecue builds trust by delivering consistent, faster and better service experiences. Staff are empowered to make the right decisions at the right time, building their motivation, engagement and morale.
Eyecue allows you to share live data with key stakeholders and maximise revenue, letting you see the results to the bottom line in real time.

Improve performance

With an empowered team, better speed of service, and increased throughput, Eyecue helps deliver improved performance leading to a more profitable restaurant in your busiest sales channel. 


Total drive thru visibility with Eyecue™

Empower staff to make better, faster decisions

Eyecue™ detects when food is handed to customers
Why is this important?
Delivery times are tracked to when the order is delivered (rather than when the vehicle leaves the window) resulting in a more accurate total journey time.