The world’s most advanced Customer Journey System

Proven next generation technology empowers your team to drive decision-making and take immediate action.
Eyecue data and insights gives your business a competitive edge.

Having processed more than 88 million vehicles - and increasing by over 250,000 each day - Eyecue™ is highly accurate (98%) at detecting vehicles in the drive-thru. The specialised Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, enables Eyecue™ to learn trends and predict patterns giving you the data your business needs to reach its optimal performance.

Benefits in a nutshell

Speed, accuracy & precision

Highly accurate at detecting vehicles in the drive-thru, Eyecue™ enables your QSR to provide an increased speed of service and serve more customers. Stores with Eyecue™ installed* reduced the time from when a customer placed their order to when their food was delivered by an average of 15 seconds. Further indications show improvements continue too. *In the first 6 months, Jan - June 2021

Visibility & intelligence

With the power of AI, real-time data of the total customer journey (including pull forward and wait bays) is captured and used to empower your team to take immediate action.

Versatile functionality

A future proofed system, Eyecue has an open API structure for integration to emerging technologies.

Key Features

True delivery times are provided by our industry-leading Human Vehicle Interaction (HVI) feature. Each vehicle is tracked from the moment it enters the drive-thru until the employee hands the customer their order, resulting in a more personalised, highly accurate and faster customer experience.

Improve customer capacity and throughput, order velocity and accuracy to drive better overall performance in your restaurants with real-time trend data, capacity peaks, bottleneck insights and employee performance via online management reports.

Empower your team with fit-for-purpose live dashboards, with relevant, specific data for key areas in your restaurant i.e. cashier window, delivery window, manager’s office etc.

Eyecue is easy to install and cost efficient to maintain with flexible, accessible, adjustable equipment on, not under the ground.

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